Think ‘home makeover’ and it’s hard not to imagine expensive renovations that take months to complete. But a little can go a long way if you get creative and know where to start.

Paint with purpose
Paint is expensive which is why it makes good sense to add a dash of colour to one central wall instead of an entire room. An accent wall can instantly transform a tired space into something more vibrant – and you can use the leftover paint to repurpose old picture frames or cupboard doors.

Pretty as a picture
Give a bare wall a facelift by using frames to create a picture collage. Different sizes and colours can be used to beautiful effect and is the perfect excuse to finally print those holiday pics. There’s a ton of ideas on how to mix and match photo frames and colour schemes on Pinterest and Instagram.

Get crafty with candles
Brightly coloured candles can add a little personality to an old side table and a little luxury to your bathroom. Oversized candles or two or three different sizes in a hurricane glass holder is an easy and cheap way to DIY like an interior designer.

Throws and shatter cushions
Throws and a shatter cushion or two can disguise an aging sofa and save the hassle of buying brand new furniture. Experiment with different fabrics and colours to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

Use what you have
Sometimes updating your home can be as easy as rearranging key furniture pieces and donating items to charity you no longer need. Once you see your home with a fresh pair of eyes, you’ll be able to decide on a budget for essential new items without breaking the bank.

You’ve heard of recycling – now it’s time to upcycle. Consider painting, reupholstering or sanding down your existing furniture as a more affordable way to make something look as good as new again.

Green is the new black
Indoor plants in beautiful pots and containers can create a gorgeous focal point almost anywhere and add a fresh feeling to your home.

If you’re looking for even more inspired living ideas then make sure you head to any one of Mall of the North’s fabulous homeware stores where you’ll find everything from the latest trends to classic must-haves.

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