Food is so much more than simply fuel for our bodies; it’s one of the most social things we do as people.

As our lives become busier by the day it’s easy to forget that each meal is an opportunity to slow down, reconnect with family and friends or rediscover the simple pleasure of eating. All too often, we wolf down whatever is most convenient as we rush from one activity to the next and miss out on savouring the taste, even if it’s only a humble sandwich and a cup of coffee.

With the rise of popular amateur cooking shows like Master Chef and Instagram hashtags devoted to food, there’s an inspiration to be found around every corner. And by stretching your taste buds and challenging them with new experiences, you can take your enjoyment of meals to a new level.

There’s no doubt cooking can sometimes feel like a chore more than a pleasure, but thanks to an abundance of online recipes it’s easier than ever to plan meals around how much time you have to spare in the evenings and to stretch the number of ingredients over more than one dish. Meal kits are also making a welcome appearance at our favourite grocery stores and come pre-packed with everything you need and a handy step-by-step guide to prepare and cook with delicious fresh ingredients.

Of course, if you’re pressed for time and in need of something satisfy even the fussiest eater, Mall of the North has something for every taste imaginable with an array of restaurants and takeaway options. This month Mall of the North also invites you to experience a world of new flavours at the Turkish Food Festival from 26 to 28 April at the overflow parking area. Entrance is free and you’ll be able to explore a sensational line-up of delicious offerings like Adana kebabs, Kumpir baked potatoes, baklava, Turkish delights, traditional teas and coffees, and Turkish meat products. There’s fun to be had for the whole family with a kiddies play zone as well so you can take some time to taste, eat, and savour the moment.

Happy dining!

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