Wedding season is here (and so is your ultimate guest survival guide)

Chances are you’re already well aware that wedding season has begun. And thanks to our sunny South African weather the time for canapés and happy ‘I dos’ will continue well into April 2020. Whether you have one, five or 10 special days to attend as a guest, we have the ultimate guide to enjoying it all in style. 

First up, get your wardrobe wedding ready.  You don’t need a dozen couture outfits to choose from to look sensational. Start stocking up on wedding-worthy attire at Mall of the North. Keep an eye out for fabulous sales and month end specials on your favourite essentials. One that note, remember to accessorise. That classic dress you love can easily be updated with the right bling or the addition of a gorgeous pashmina or belt. 

Weddings often require travel out of town. Save money by booking accommodation early and sharing transport costs with friends. Also consider other budget friendly options like Airbnb and discount deals at nearby guest houses. If you have to travel home after the reception it goes without saying that you should never drink and drive. Call an Uber or pre-book a reputable shuttle service. 

These days gift-giving is a little easier as more couples opt for guest to give money instead of traditional gifts to help them start their new life together. If the wedding couple have asked for a cash gift consider asking for their banking details so you can make a direct deposit ahead of time. Not only will this help you budget better it also helps the couple avoid having to carry and take care of large amounts of cash on their big day. If the couple have a gift registry then be sure to make your purchase early too. 

Amid all the merrymaking it’s easy to overindulge. Party smart by making sure you drink plenty of water. Find a few nibbles you enjoy and stick to them. If you’re only eating because it’s in front of you then it’s time to stop and hit the dancefloor instead. 

Bring a few little necessities to the wedding. A couple of must-haves include safety pins, plasters, blister pads, lip balm, and extra tissues. Whether these come in handy for the bride or a fellow guest, you’ll be the party lifesaver. Guaranteed.

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