It really is the most wonderful time of the year and Mall of the North is looking forward to sharing it with you! The festive season is a chance to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones while enjoying the many gatherings, parties and celebrations. With so much to think about, reducing your carbon footprint might not be top of you to-do list – but having a few green ideas at the ready can add to the beauty of the season, save you a whole lot of time, and even a little extra money too. 


  • Choose quality décor 

Not only will you have the perfect excuse to spoil yourself, opting for good quality Christmas decorations means you’ll reduce the need to restock the same items year after year. When choosing decorations, it makes sense to go for timeless and classic designs and colours that will be loved for years, as opposed to trend pieces that you’ll be tired of by next Christmas.


  • Green gifting

If you want to be more conscious of your impact on the planet and how ethically your gifts were made, there are so many local, eco-friendly and fair trade options available to choose from. Also consider switching to Secret Santa as a gift giving alternative which will allow you to invest more money into a more thoughtful gift instead of lots of little ones. 


  • Wrap it up in style

If you’re a fan of traditional wrapping paper rather choose something free from foil and glitter as these cannot be recycled. Go greener still and use brown paper to wrap gifts, tie everything together with string or paper ribbon, then finish off with fresh pine tree sprigs or lavender to share the festive feeling.  


  • Ditch disposable cutlery and cups 

Many of these single use plastic items are non-recyclable and end up going straight into a landfill. If you plan on being the host with the most, simply ask a friend or family member to bring along their plates, cups or cutlery that can be washed and returned to them.


  • Light the way 

One super easy change to make this festive season is to use LED Christmas lights. You’ll barely notice the difference, but it will make a huge impact on the amount of energy you use this festive season. LED lights are a great win/win because they use an average of 75% less energy and can last 25 times longer than conventional lights. 


However you decide to spend your festive season, we wish you and yours all the joys of the season and warm wishes for 2020! 

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