Kindness is free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere. 


This month presents the perfect opportunity to do as much good as possible, as South Africa commemorates Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July and with the latest lockdown restrictions comes enormous sacrifices for many. In times like these, kindness is needed more than ever. As individuals we might not have the power to fix major global challenges, but we can make a small difference each day in our own way – and those things definitely add up. Small random acts of kindness, requiring little time or money are easy to do and sorely needed. 

Here are just a few ideas we love for sprinkling a little TLC to those around us:

Give a compliment or two (or more) 

Almost everyone you encounter is doing their best under trying circumstances. If someone does a great job, say so. If a friend makes you smile, thank them.


Offer your help

Whether it’s checking a friend’s CV, donating toys to a children’s home, or picking up a few extra groceries for a family in need. Offering an extra hand makes a bigger impact than you might imagine.



Let someone go in front of you in a queue

An elderly shopper, a pregnant lady? Let them skip ahead of you. It will make their day. Promise.


Just be lekker

When you’re in a rush, hold the elevator door open for someone, tip the delivery driver a little extra, support your favourite local business or buy a winter blanket for charity. Every little bit helps.

From the small to the truly heroic, acts of warmth, compassion and generosity make the world a much nicer place – a worthy cause we can all get behind.

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