The future is female this Women’s Month


This August, Mall of the North joins South Africa in commemorating the brilliance, tenacity and resilience of women in our country. Here are some ideas on how you can support from wherever you are:


Back a women-owned business

Women-owned businesses are on the rise, but women still represent the minority of business owners. August is a perfect time to show your solidarity with these talented leaders, entrepreneurs, and service providers by purchasing their products.

Support a worthy cause

There are so many wonderful organisations and charities that do incredible work aimed at empowering women. If you have some free time, consider lending a helping hand by volunteering or making a cash donation. Every little bit makes a difference.

Support local women artists

This past year has been especially tough for anyone working in the arts. Now is the perfect time to give the creative women of South Africa some well-earned love. Whether it’s a local author, artist, musician or podcaster, lend your support by buying their work and giving them a shoutout on social media. 

Mentor a girl 

There are plenty of national programs where you can become a mentor for women and girls. One such program, Dream Girls Academy, which has been recognised by the reputable media house Mail & Guardian. Being a mentor is a big commitment, but it’s also profoundly impactful, highly rewarding, and can change both mentor and mentee’s lives. Click here to find out more: (


Support initiatives for free sanitary products 

Get behind our favourite health and beauty retailers’ ongoing initiatives to provide free sanitary products to schoolgirls so their periods don’t get in the way of their education.


Celebrate the women in your life

Finally, thank the awesome women in your own life with a compliment, a letter, or a small token of your appreciation. Think of your mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, colleague, best friend, and daughter – or any woman who inspires and encourages you to be better and do better.

From the small to the truly heroic, acts of warmth, compassion and generosity make the world a much nicer place – a worthy cause we can all get behind.

Happy Women’s Month!

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