Write it down – why you should start a journal today


“Life is a narrative that you have a hand in writing”
– Henriette Anne Klauser

There’s no doubt you’ve heard someone say that we live in unprecedented times. Think back to the end of 2019 and there’s few who could’ve predicted just how much all our lives would change in 2020 and beyond. If only there was a way to capture the multitude of thoughts, emotions and experiences that we have gone through thus far.

Research suggests that writing in a journal can be surprisingly beneficial for your mental health. According to some mental health professionals, journaling is a great tool to help one lead a clearer and happier life. The thinking is that when you write down your thoughts, it can help clarify how you feel and help you understand your priorities, goals, worries and aspirations. 

How to get started

This is the fun part. Choose a journal that reflects your personality and how creative you want to be. Have fun deciding between a colourful cover or something classic and understated. Are you going to go for a lined diary just for writing, or an A4 book with blank pages for sketches and notes? Find your perfect match right here at Mall of the North. 

The writing process

Write about a few things that happened during your day and how they made you feel. What you enjoyed most about your day, and what you enjoyed the least. Experts say it’s important to write without judging your own words. Rather, the goal is to express yourself in your own unique way without your inner critic’s commentary. 

Make it a habit

Just like physical exercise, the best way to get results from journaling is to make it a regular habit. Pick your most quiet time of the day when you’re unlikely to be interrupted, grab a coffee and enjoy taking some well-deserved time out. 

The benefits of journaling

Between Covid-19 uprooting our daily lives, lockdowns, and being apart from family and friends, it’s been a tumultuous time for many. While certain memories of the last few months will stick out, others will begin to fade over time. Keeping a journal can also act as a time capsule of sorts for you to revisit down the road – and a reminder of how strong and resilient you are. So keep going! 

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