Thanks to technology taking photos is easier than ever. Our phones can take pictures that a photographer in a bygone era might only dream about. Add to that the array of fun, weird, and wonderful filters and its no wonder snapping pics is one of our favourite pastimes.

With so many options, there’s really no excuse not to take plenty of photos of family, friends, pets, and anything that makes you smile. According to one theory taking photos can actually increase your happiness. Because you’re more likely to take pictures of events, people and places that bring you joy, your perception of your own wellbeing tilts towards happiness and contentment. Capturing a moment in time isn’t just about securing a memory—it can help you appreciate your life more every day.

Taking more photos means you have more chances to capture truly special moments. So keep taking pictures, try new angles, and enjoy expressing your creative side. Having fun with photography isn’t just for the professionals – you can enjoy using your phone, a simple point and shoot, or something fancier like a slick DSLR camera.

Don’t know what to do with all those photos? Turn some of those memories into precious keepsakes by printing them for an album, framing a few for your desk, or creating a gorgeous collage of frames to decorate a wall at home.

Why not start creating beautiful memories by capturing a special moment with your significant other here at Mall of the North. You and your loved one could be the lucky couple to win a romantic hot air balloon ride for two.

Simply follow Mall of the North on Instagram, snap a selfie at the Mall of the North’s Valentine’s Day display located next to Jet, tag us on Insta and use the hashtag #loveisintheair.

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