This month South Africans from all walks of life will join hands in celebrating Nelson Mandela Day on 18 July. The day calls on ordinary people to do their part in making the world a better place by getting behind a cause close to their hearts. It’s also school holiday time and a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together and maybe even make new friends at Mall of the North.

Even the smallest acts of kindness add up to a huge difference. Think for a moment about how an unexpected compliment can brighten someone’s day. Or the tiny but beautiful difference planting a tree has on our immediate environment. And hear us out on this one, how letting someone in front of you in a traffic jam adds the slightest tint of positivity into an otherwise stressful situation is good for everyone.

According to the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) the relatively easy good deed of donating just one unit of blood can help save can help save as many as three people’s lives. There are so many worthy organisations doing incredible work that need an extra helping hand. Whether you’re an animal lover, feel strongly about education, or assisting the elderly, there’s a non-profit organisation you can help.

If you feel inspired to donate your time, money, expertise (or all three) this month but don’t know where to begin, we suggest paying a visit to the official Nelson Mandela Day website to see first-hand how you can get involved.

Doing our bit to make the world a safer, kinder, more generous place is a huge goal – but we think it’s one worth striving for.

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