Why you should go and love yourself this Valentine’s month

From Lizzo feeling good as hell to Miley Cyrus proudly saying she can buy herself flowers, self-love and self-acceptance are very much in, and we’re here for it!

Self-love is about total acceptance. It’s about deeply caring for yourself and your happiness. It’s about loving yourself at this very moment and every moment, unconditionally.

February is the month of love, and whether you’re happily coupled up or gladly flying solo, there’s space for you to practice treating yourself with kindness and treating yourself like you would your best friend.

Here are our favourite ways you can spend some time taking care of YOU this month. Because you deserve it!

  • Mind your own mind

Our thoughts are important because they affect our feelings, our mood and our outlook on life. While you can’t think your way out of a tough situation, you can think about they way you perceive things and how you can adjust your thinking to find a silver lining or two.

  • Treat yourself, guilt-free

Take yourself out for a nice dinner, book a day at the spa, have that manicure, or take five extra minutes for yourself while having your afternoon cup of coffee. Whatever it is, make sure you do something you enjoy and do not feel remotely guilty about putting your phone on silent and spending time on you.

  • Throw a party

Whether it’s a Valentine’s Day party at your place, dressing to the nines for a singles night, or hosting a get-together with your besties, gather your favourite people and enjoy yourself.

  • Love Your Selfie

Don your favourite outfit and head to Mall of the North during the month of February and snap a selfie at our “Upside Down” photobooth in the Pick ‘n Pay Court. Tag Mall of the North on Instagram and stand a chance to win yourself a gift card valued at R1 500 so you can spoil yourself in style!

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