Think pink, dream big

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It’s August and that time of year when we join the rest of South Africa in celebrating Women’s Month, saluting the spark, grit, and stamina of the awe-inspiring women who make our country a better place. These women are mothers, daughters, sisters, partners, leaders, and community builders.

This month, we’re also raising a glass to one of the most recognisable style icons – our beloved Barbie. Yes, Barbie fever is everywhere, and we’re loving it! The long-awaited Barbie movie is now lighting up the screens right here at Ster-Kinekor Mall of the North.  What better way to spend an afternoon than grabbing your squad and indulging in an eye-candy experience of all things chic and pretty? Put on your best pink outfits, round up your besties, and get ready to go party with Barbie.

Following the release of this blockbuster, we’ve seen a tidal wave of pink trends flood our lives, influencing fashion, accessories, and even our attitudes. And as we pay homage to the powerhouse women and the fashion icon Barbie, what better colour than pink to colour the town with?

So how can you incorporate this lovely hue into your life this month? To get you started, here are a few fantastic ways to include a blush of pink in your life and pay homage to Women’s Month, Barbie, and shopping at Mall of the North.

  1. Think pink wardrobe: Pink is a timeless show-stopper. Don’t shy away from adding a dash of pink to your wardrobe. A pink scarf, a funky pink jacket, or even a blush-toned hat can make your outfit pop.
  2. Accessorise pink: Why not go the extra mile and add pink accessories to your ensemble? Pink earrings, bracelets, or even a striking pink handbag can do wonders to uplift your fashion game.
  3. Pink home décor: How about bringing the Barbie aura to your home? Think pink cushions, table runners, or a pink wall clock. Let the charisma of pink brighten up your living space.
  4. Pink gadgets: Many brands are now releasing their products in pink variants. So, a pink smartphone, tablet, or headphones can be an excellent addition to your tech inventory.

Happy Women’s Month from Mall of the North!

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