Your best prep guide for an unforgettable summer

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Summer is swiftly approaching, and whether you’re planning an exotic getaway or opting for a staycation, we’re here with advice to transition you into holiday mode with minimal fuss. What’s more, Mall of the North is upping the ante this year with even more fantastic Black Friday bargains coming your way on 24 November!


Plan now, play later

Now’s the best time to make sure all your essential documents are up to date and in one place. You don’t want to leave checking things like your ID, passport, driver’s license, medical aid cards, travel insurance, until the night before. Planning a December road trip? Schedule your car services now and check those tyres for safe, smooth journey. And while you’re at it, why not swing by Mall of the North to catch some early travel essentials?


Master the art of packing

It’s easy to fall into the trap of overpacking, but unless you’re camping in the middle of nowhere, less is more. Be mindful of your airline’s baggage policy to avoid last-minute hassles. Struggling to accommodate all your summer outfits? There are a host of clever packing online tutorials that will help you squeeze in those extra cant-do-without-them items. Don’t forget, Mall of the North offers a variety of stylish luggage options perfect for your summer escape.


Strategies for happy young travellers

Overpacking for family trips can backfire, making it hard to locate items amidst the chaos. Bring along select beloved toys and drawing supplies to keep your littles engaged. For extended journeys, consider breaking at interesting spots en route to stretch your legs and provide a fun learning experience for the kids. Perhaps a new toy from Mall of the North could add excitement to their travel adventure?


Embrace the here and now!

Above all, immerse yourself in the present, experiment with the unfamiliar, and relish the relaxation you’ve earned. After all, holidays are for making memories! And remember, a visit to Mall of the North can add a splash of summer delight, whether it’s wardrobe upgrades, fun activities, or simply enjoying seasonal treats as you shop.

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