Fragrance and colour in the month of love

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The month of love has arrived at Mall of the North, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to explore the vibrant world of flowers, each with its unique meaning. Whether it’s a classic rose or lively orchid, there’s a perfect bloom for your Valentine.

The timeless rose

No flower speaks the language of love more than the rose. A traditional red rose has long been a symbol of affection, making it the quintessential Valentine’s Day gift. Other colours are said to have their own special meanings too. Pink roses express admiration and joy, while white roses signify purity and new beginnings.

The sophisticated lily

Elegant and refined, lilies are a superb choice for those who appreciate timeless beauty. The white lily stands for purity and virtue, whereas an orange lily represents passion, making it a gorgeous alternative to the classic rose.

The colourful tulip

Tulips, with their smooth lines and rich colours, are another excellent Valentine’s choice. A red tulip is a declaration of love, while purple signifies royalty and admiration. For a relationship in its early stages, yellow tulips symbolise cheerful thoughts.

The exotic orchids

Orchids are a unique and lasting gift, symbolising luxury and strength. The delicate and exotic nature of orchids makes them a sophisticated choice for expressing love and admiration.

The distinctive carnations

Carnations, with their wide array of colours and meanings, are a versatile choice. Deep red carnations convey love and affection, while light red represents admiration. White carnations stand for pure love and good luck.

Discover more at Mall of the North

This February, Mall of the North is gearing up for a floral journey like no other. Visit our Valentine’s Bouquet Bar, where you can pick, choose, mix and match the blooms that speak to your heart, and we’ll bunch them for you.  It’s not just about the flowers but the message they convey and the smiles they bring.

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